Why are people with cut dicks so salty lmao like who the hell told u dick cheese is an actual thing to worry about??? (unless you’re about to go suck off a pubescent person, in which case @police get fucking ready i got one for you)(or whoever dick you’re sucking is just downright nasty for there to be any sort of buildup) like chill out, eat some chips, pet a dog, go play with your hood-less penis while the rest of us experience the sensations you can’t cause ya parents fucked up. Don’t take it out on the rest of us go fight your mother

are people really fighting over foreskin…

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why everybody gotta be selfish. these is hard times, shit. can’t trust no one.


The cauldron spilled over.

Purple ombre / jelly sandwich, bottom —› top:

  • Zoya Miley
  • L’Oreal Lilac Coolers
  • L’Oreal Berry Nice
  • Max Factor Fantasy Fire
  • Kleancolor Chunky Holo Black

Orange swirl dry marble:

  • Sinful Colors Cloud 9
  • Sinful Colors Opal Glitter
  • NYC Purple Pizzazz Frost
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Thinking about getting my septum pierced…i love the jewelry options and I’m a lil bored with my nose ring and why the fuck not? I don’t give a shit if other people think it’s ugly or that every light skin seems to have them. I’m cute as and can do whatever the fuuuUUUUuuck i want 😄


Life is too short to pretend you’re attracted to Channing Tatum